Short-Term Care & Rehabilitation to Maximize Optimal Outcomes

Comfortable and Compassionate Long-Term Care for Your Loved Ones

Carolina Rivers Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Offers High-Quality, Compassionate Care for Your Loved One.

Are you struggling to find:


Round-the-clock care and rehabilitative services following an acute illness or accident


Long-term, 24-hour nursing care for those with chronic illnesses


Treatment that is designed specifically with individual needs in mind


A safe, positive, comfortable environment to foster optimal, holistic healing and recovery

Here’s How Carolina Rivers Nursing & Rehabilitation Center Can Help


Short Term Care

At Carolina Rivers Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, we provide skilled nursing care and rehabilitation services for patients who require a high level of nursing care after being discharged from the hospital. Our priority is to provide a safe environment that fosters healing and recovery, along with round-the-clock skilled nursing care.

Long Term Care

We provide long-term healthcare services with compassion and quality, and offer skilled nursing care around the clock to those with chronic illnesses and our elderly residents.

Our Care Model


Carolina Rivers Nursing and Rehabilitation Center provides short-term rehabilitation stays after surgery or hospitalization, as well as skilled long-term healthcare services. Our interdisciplinary team of expert staff is compassionate and provides medical and personal care to patients who cannot manage on their own. We are committed to delivering a quality, dignified, and compassionate experience that leads to an improved quality of life for our residents, their families, and our employees.

We work together to:


Aim to go above and beyond the expectations of our residents, their families, and our employees


Develop genuine connections between our work families and our residents’ families


Aim to consistently deliver the best service and performance


Show appreciation and applaud our shared triumphs and successes

At Carolina Rivers Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, we provide a range of services to individuals of a variety of ages in our care facility. Our approach involves assessing all factors that contribute to a resident’s quality of life, encompassing physical, emotional, social, and spiritual aspects.

Whether you are recuperating from a brief stay or beginning the journey of aging with grace, we are here to support you every step of the way.

Kind Words

My husband is currently a resident at Carolina Rivers. Our family had many fears about him staying in a rehab facility. I am happy to say we have had a great experience with the caregivers here. He has been treated with respect and care. The staff is professional and good-hearted. A big shout out to the wonderful personnel for helping my husband regain his mobility.



Our Interdisciplinary Care Team

Our care model at Carolina Rivers Nursing and Rehabilitation Center is tailored to help our patients avoid re-hospitalizations, promote a smooth and speedy recovery, and enhance overall patient outcomes. We make the transition from various other care settings seamless, and our interdisciplinary care team collaborates to address the mind, body, and spirit of each resident. We provide personalized and coordinated care, comprehensive medical services, and a range of rehabilitation services.

Infographic of the healthcare professionals that work at Carolina Rivers Nursing & Rehabilitation Center.

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