Recovery is Simply
a Step Toward Life Beyond Carolina Rivers
Working together with families ensures that care continues when patients return home.
Our #1 Priority is
a Complete Recovery
Personalized rehabilitation plans help patients return home as quickly and completely as possible.
Personalized Plans
Achieve Safe, Rapid Recovery
Intensive therapy guided by milestones and a timeline puts the patients in control of their own rehabilitation.
Our Difference
Above all else we focus on quality of life beyond Carolina Rivers
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Starting Your Rehabilitation at Carolina Rivers is Simple

Welcome to Carolina Rivers

From the moment a patient arrives at Carolina Rivers Rehabilitation & Nursing Center, we begin planning for their return home. Through personalized rehabilitation plans, we develop milestones and a timeline for each patient’s journey, fully expecting that most patients who enter our facility can be restored to their prior level of ability. Our individualized and intensive physical therapy programs are designed to reduce our patients' readmittance, maintain their independence and return them to their lives as quickly and completely as possible.

While away from home, we make patients’ stay at Carolina Rivers like visiting their neighbors. Our location in the tight community of Jacksonville, several staff that have personally served patients and their families for more than five and ten years, and reassuring and restorative family environment makes a stay in the Carolina Rivers community a stay with your neighbors away from home.

When a patient is ready to return home, we work closely with their family to develop a continuing care plan that ensures their recovery can and will continue after they are discharged. At Carolina Rivers, we believe that rehabilitation is just a step toward a happier, healthier future.